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UX Design: The New Frontier

As graphic designers we are constantly made aware of the ever growing presence of web and technology in our field. The importance of being tech savvy, is starting to feel like a necessity! So as not to feel like this undeniable future is looming over our shoulders, lets take a look at the 2 big design jobs we keep hearing about User Experience Designers and User Interface Designers.


User Experience (UX) designers focus on the logic and structure behind the web pages and apps you interact with, their primary concern is how the product feels. Within UX there are two distinct subfields which are research and validation. During the research phase the UX designers work to understand the intended users needs. Wireframing, heuristic testing, applying kpi to design decisions, competitive analysis and user user interviews are some of the methods used during this stage. After the webpage / app / product has launched is the validation phase. Here, UX designers perform product testing, usability and pain point analysis to determine if the product is reaching it’s intended goal. User data is collected to make the product more efficient and successful if the goal isn’t reached.

User Interface (UI) designers create and design the interactive elements like clickable elements, animations, dropdown menus and more.  UI designers are primarily concerned with how the product is laid out. While web designers usually just design websites, UI designers deal with the look and feel of anything digital. However, some UI positions may also include branding design and front end development.

Both UX and UI require knowledge of graphic design. This growing field still only has a few Graduate Programs, while most UX / UI designers start in graphic design and learn on the job. Want to learn about moving towards UX design? Check out this article: