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Art is Art


As artist, what we consider art is completely different from what others consider art. We have different levels where different types of artworks fall under that is just plain hypocritical. For example, I am in a sorority and this in turn result in me
“crafting” a lot for it. The products I produce when I’m crafting when presented to an artist is probably no the type of work that they consider as art while those around me who aren’t in the art field do.

At what point in our childhood or career did we stop praising those with the ability to create something with their artistic vision to simply dismiss it as “crafting”? I think we as artist have been so desensitized to the everyday do-it-yourself’s that we fail to see the creative process that went about creating it. Not all works of art can be monet’s or picasso’s but they are still works of art and I know that I need to work on trying to find the silver lining and stop being such an art snob. After all, the number one rule in art is that, there is no rule.