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Yayoi Kusama

I am furious. I recently watched a video by PlayGround+ on facebook on Yayoi Kusama. The overall mood of the video is somber. The music accompanying the video sad and most of all the text on it was only partially correct. Rather than focusing on the world renown artist that Kusama is they chose to focus on her disorder. Before her disorder she is and artist and a writer. She has worked in a wide variety of media, including painting, collage, soft sculpture, performance art and environmental installations. She takes you into a psychedelic trip by using colors, repetition and pattern. She influenced many contemporaries such as Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. She is such an important voice of the avant-garde movement. She is more than her disorder. She did check herself into the Seiwa Hospital for the Mentally Ill and took up residence there and has been living at the hospital ever since by choice. Although often quoted saying “If it were not for art, I would have killed myself a long time ago” the video makes it seem as if that is all she thinks about when not making art. She is a living Pop-legend and her work is extremely sophisticated, result of decades of experience, not just a way to turn “an infinite obsession into art.”



Here is the link of the video