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Meet Quainton


Sawdust, a graphic design studio, just launced a new typeface called Quainton and it is beautiful. Named after its creator Jonathon Quainton, it is a blend of Didone and Bauhaus characteristics; two of my favorite typefaces so imagine my excitement. It took Jonathan 8 years until he rediscovered the project and proceeded to work on it again. I am just in awe with this typeface. Jonathan mentions that it is a “a labour of love” and you can definitely see that being conveyed in the typeface. “I remember being in awe of typefaces like Bodoni and Didot at the time,” Jonathan says of his original inspiration for Quainton. “[The typeface] may come as a surprise to those familiar with our work, but part of our explorative process is looking at the past, not only the future.”

Quainton is available through foundry HypeForType.

quainton1 quainton2 quainton3