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Now that’s just sexy!


This is a painting by Andre Kohn, and it is sexy. You don’t need any experience in fine art to see that. What I want to point out is that it is not sexy, for me, because there is a lady in red in the middle of the canvas. It is sexy because of everything else.

Why? Because one can paint a woman wearing different clothes (or even nude) doing any pose and it can still not be sexy in my book. What Kohn did was to channel all the attraction into the texture of the whole piece. I wish to know how he did it, but regardless, this serves as a typical example and a firm reminder of sometimes, it doesn’t matter what, it matters how.

Art has an amazing power of changing our perception in my opinion. Let’s look at photography for an easy example. Take a normal Facebook selfie photo, turn it to black & white and watch the magic. The entire picture changes without any movement: now you have a nostalgic and melancholy photo. Apply a red transparent layer on it and you have a mass of passion ready to burst anytime. Apply a bluish layer on the original and you suddenly feel calm and still like a lake in the middle of winter. By applying different lens, you are changing clothes for your piece of art. Same subject, yet different each time.

Returning to Kohn painting, what I am fascinated about is the conscious and creative decision of using blurry texture. He was connecting that texture to the umbrella, in order to subconsciously suggest the hazy rain. That is very deep and well-thought, well-executed decision of a confident artist. Kohn reminds us that making stuff look nice is more than what it seems on the surface.