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Hi, I’m A Designer and I am NOT A Perfectionist

Through out my education as a graphic design student, I have heard professors and colleagues tell me that “graphic designers need to be perfectionists.” I am the complete opposite of a perfectionist and have no desire to become one. I like messy designs as much as I like looking at clean ones. I consistently fail to create working, clean designs which has made me realize more and more that maybe the graphic design field isn’t for me.

But hold on, who’s to say my “messy” design style won’t work for anyone? I consider it as art, so surely someone else will too. Some of my professors ask me to create cleaner designs, yet when I do try to conform to what they want to see, it doesn’t portray my design style. How will that help my style grow?

I don’t believe graphic designers need to be perfectionists to create working designs, but they are expected to be. If the world was only fully of clean designs, don’t you think we would become bored? I believe I have talent as a designer, but I feel that throughout my education as a graphic design undergraduate, I have felt belittled if my work is “different” from today’s expectations of what is considered “good design work.” Hopefully, my design style will be more accepted in the graphic design field after I graduate. As for now, I suppose I have to continue to tweak my personal style to pass my classes.

Examples of unconventional design:









Examples of perfect design:









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