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Babies, Bears, and Dangerous Kitties

hug_grandeIf you haven’t heard about The Oatmeal then allow me to enlighten you to the most creative, funny, and inspirational comic and illustrator out there today. His name is Matthew Inman and he is a rad dude. Besides his popular online comic he has created a card game about Exploding Kittens. Yes, I know, that’s not funny, but you have to play the game to get the joke. The game is a quick paced UNO style meets Gin Rummy meets Go Fish meets insane. You will laugh, cry, and maybe get yourself exploded by an adorable kitten. Matthew is a business savvy gent who got this card game up and running using the crowdsourced funding site Kickstarter. His following is so vast that he exceeded his goal of ten grand in eight minutes, and eight days later he and his game creation team generated 8 MILLION DOLLARS. This was the 4th most successful campaign on Kickstarter.  Now, The Oatman is at it again with another card game Bears vs Babies, it’s like Exploding Kittens but funnier and completely different gameplay. And just like Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies exceeded their Kickstarter campaign within the first day and ended up making 3 MILLION DOLLARS! Ok, so if you like illustration, art, laughing, mantis shrimp then you have to check out The Oatmeal and give yourself the humor you are missing in your life.