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The DIY Life

diy-your-homeDo you DIY?

I do.

With the rise of the internet came a convenience when it comes to gathering information and consequently, learning new things. There are so many online classes and DIY tutorials to choose from whenever we feel like learning something new. In a sense DIY is a way to excursive the brain. Many times DIY allows the person to produce something of quality while reducing the cost. It allows people to use their hands and get acquainted with the materials around them. To solve problems creatively. Isn’t that what we do as artists and designers?

DIY can also allow you to understand your own craft better. In a photo class I had to learn about printing and the process of book making. Instead of using a website to print and ship my photo book; I looked at DIY tutorials and decided to bound my own book. I did my research, I talked to the people at the arts and craft store, I did a test run before using my own photo prints. And in the end, my book turned just as good if not better then the mass produced books made by online websites. The process allowed me to learn things about book binding, printing, and layout that I wouldn’t have had the chance to learn if I took the easy way out. Plus, I saved $30.

That is not to say that there isn’t a down side to DIYs. For one thing, they take time and the project might turn out looking nothing like what you wanted it to be. My class was in the summer, giving me ample amounts of time to work things out. But even with that in mind, I don’t think I will order a book ever again if similar assignments come up.

So, do you DIY?

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