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Fighting Game Character Design: More Than Just Combos


I consider myself gaming enthusiast, and I love intelligent and fun game design. One genre that has elements of graphic, UI and brand design are fighting games. One thing that fighting games do so well, that reflects good design is franchising. Games like Street Fighter and Super Smash Brothers are famous because of their effective branding techniques and replayability that motivates new players to participate in them. Their characters that they design become more than just an avatar.

Regarding branding/franchising, games like Street Fighter are so popular because they contain excellent character and game design. Each character is designed in their unique way that anyone who has never played a fighting game can pick up a character and start mashing buttons. Each has their set of values, costumes, and style that can relate to a player. Each character has their fighting style that is designed to help new players get into a game, or intended for advanced players who know a game’s mechanics and combos. A fighting game character can feel like your avatar which can influence you as a person. Because of Street Fighter’s excellent character design, Iconic character such Ryu and Chun-li have become staples to the franchise and further add to the brand name Street Fighter and its publisher Capcom.

If you ever can help develop or design a game’s branding and advertisement, design or add characters from the game to create an extension to the game and the company that produces it. Creating a connection between a character and a player creates a touch point for your brand, and can further extend the game and a company’s reputation.