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Michael Bierut: Designers are Weird and Unique

We’re not ordinary people. We find and care about things that no one else without a trained eye can find. I’ve been watching a lot of videos by graphic designer Michael Bierut, the designer who created the current Verizon and Hillary Clinton 2016 Logo, and it fascinates me on how he can break down images and find typefaces within them. He indirectly describes designers as weirdos, in a positive way. He states that designers are born with a skill they have or have trained a skill that can identify things like typefaces that normal people can’t see. As we develop that skill, we become less normal. And he’s right, were not normal, and that’s what makes us awesome. We see art and designs that we appreciate more every year we train ourselves as professionals in our line of work.

Before I started to take graphic design courses, I never appreciated typography. I always thought that the default typeface to Microsoft Word was pretty much the only thing type could offer. I also thought the chunky word art fonts were cool to put on top of my papers. But after taking Intro to Typography, I never knew how beautiful and practical each typeface can be. By just learning typography alone, we can identify and see fonts within iconography and pictures. We can look for connections with type and imagery and create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that enhance a viewer’s experience. With these skills, we able to create reactions that is social and creates an interaction with a product and a consumer.