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Freelance or Not To Freelance?

This is my question.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, my automatic answer is YES, freelance. However, now that I am transitioning into the graphic design world from the wedding world (I own a bridal hair business), I am struggling to decide what to do. Freelancing can be exhausting, unstable, and downright difficult. I own my own business and know how much work and time it takes. I am not just a hair stylist, I take care of all of my own admin responsibilities, I’m booking my own clients, hiring assistants, and filling out contracts. This is a lot of work, but I set my own hours, charge what I want, and I get paid for something I love to do and I’m great at. Another perk is that I’m only around people on the weekends. As a creative introvert, this schedule is ideal. With design, I am in sort of the same mindset. There are pros and cons to both freelance and full time work. Do I want to be stuck in an office or cubicle updating brochures the rest of my life? (I know this is extreme, but this is how I think about it.) There are so many different directions you can go as a designer, that sometimes I just want someone to tell me what to do. Like when I was 7 years old. Several designers I know and respect have been in the corporate world, and now own their own design business. Most of them say it’s great to get some experience in the corporate world, but ultimately working for yourself is a happier way of life. (If you can swing it.) What are you thoughts, experiences, and or advice to this question? As aspiring designers, what direction are you considering?