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Jack of All Trades: Add Half Your Proficiency Bonus

The Bard – Jack of All Trades by Lord-Malachi (original art by Paizo)

Jack of all trades. Not only is it a feature of the Dungeons and Dragons Bard class, it’s also a phrase I hear when people talk about what’s expected from designers. Thus, I’ve started to think of designers as bards. While we may not cast magic through song, we should try to be “jacks of all trades.” I’m not talking about dabbling in animation and coding to make yourself more hirable. Dabble in those skills to learn. While you’re at it, dabble in everything. You never know when that extra knowledge will become a tool to better communicate your intent. Just understanding your audience is a fount for design ideas. Still focus on being a design expert though. Remember, add only half your proficiency to these extra skills. You are still, first and foremost, a designer.