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The Political Mindset of an Aspiring Graphic Designer

How does an up-and-coming graphic designer maintain personal political conviction when it clashes with his or her career? I’m newly employed at a graphic design company. It wasn’t easy to find something stable or anything at all in this line of work. It’s the best job of my life until I recently took on an assignment working for a political organization that I genuinely despise due to what they represent and embody. It was a mandatory task, and if I refused, termination from my position would’ve been inevitable. I finished the work with a guilty conscious. Whenever I see great artists like Shepard Fairey create something amazing for a political cause they believe in, it would eat me up inside. Is this just a phase of my life? Will I have more creative freedom concerning politics when I become more successful? I ask myself these questions every day, and maybe other designers in my predicament feel the same confliction too.

This blog entry was inspired by the article, The Societal Influence of Graphic Design by Cassandra Reese.

Image by: Shepard Fairey