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Live Dance + Animation = ???

You know those people who have so much talent they can touch a violin or a paintbrush and instantly master it? Canion Shijirbat is one of those people. A Mongolian graphic designer, animator, and dancer, he recently he went viral after he managed to unify animation and dance in a spectacular performance on Mongolia’s Got Talent.

Shijirbat’s routine involves an animated background that is perfectly synced up to his movements in order to give the illusion of the impossible. Although merging of dance and animation has been done before, it’s still a relatively new form of design. The fact that Shijirbat’s performance went viral means that he has opened the door for other artists looking for new forms of self-expression.

What’s beautiful about the performance isn’t that it relies solely on the choreography or graphics, or even the combination of the two (even though it is extremely impressive). It’s the pure creativity and commitment that was obviously essential to produce that kind of striking show.

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  1. Elisabeth Essmann wrote:

    This guy sounds really cool! You did a great job explaining his work and you showed why you believe it’s important in a way that can get others excited about it.

    Friday, February 17, 2017 at 12:23 pm | Permalink