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Design Challenges


Pleasing others has been every designer’s challenge for centuries, even to the extent of compromising the designer’s choices. Should criticism from others affect the designer and his/her work? This is the question that stumps many people working in the field of design. If I have learned anything about art, it’s that criticism is a way to refine work and enlighten the designer.

Rejection forces one to retrace steps and identify issues. It provides an opportunity for the designer to revisit perspective. Piet Mondrian once said, “The position of the artist is humble” (99 Inspirational Art Quotes). Mondrian was a theorist, writer, and artist in the De Stijl movement (Piet). Even as a successful abstractionist, Mondrian was able to see the importance of staying humble through his career and accepting harsh words (15 Things You Should Know). A humble attitude develops a well rounded artist who is able understand the thoughts of others and discover new ideas.

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  1. Elisabeth Essmann wrote:

    Well put! Your writing style is clear and concise. This subject is really important to keep in mind as it’ll influence your work as well as your sanity as a designer.

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