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Looking Deeper: A Way to Fully Appreciate Art Galleries

Museums are like jewelry boxes. They’re designed to store and display artwork and make them shine. It takes craftsmanship, time, and planning to design a jewelry box. Similarly, museums and galleries carefully plan out their floorplan to curate art pieces and make them meaningful. The Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery in D.C. works as a whole; the harmony of blue and gold from the pottery pieces, lights, wall hangings, ceilings, portraits, and the spaces that are used all work together. When it comes to most displays, the artist has to consider the space, lighting, temperature, and other objects that are used. This process, and the effort that goes into creating such unity, is often overlooked by most observers. At times the artworks build from each other in a way that a progressive experience is made available to the viewer, but this is often forgotten in the rush to focus on a single piece. In this sense, a greater sense of appreciation may be obtained from first observing the room as a whole before moving on to viewing the individual pieces in more detail.

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