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“Graphic Design is fun and easy; you are lucky.”

Growing up in the design field, when talking to someone about my field,

I get one reaction all the time and that is,

                                               “Graphic Design is fun and easy; you are lucky.”

Lucky? Yes.

Fun? Yes, most of the time.

Easy? No, no, not all the time.

You, as the viewer, only see the end product, which looks pleasing, fun and even easy. However, designers have a process to get to the end result. Take branding for example; a designer must take specific steps to be successful, create an appealing design and be able to satisfy the client. In her book Designing Brand Identity, Alina Wheeler provides a five-step process that explains the complexity of brand design.

Yes, I am lucky to be a Graphic Designer, and yes, graphic design is fun, but no, it’s not easy, not all the time.

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