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Twitter: My Digital Sketchbook

Twitter is a tool that inspires my art practice and my timeline is a virtual documentation of all my interests. My personal twitter feed exists not just to collect and redistribute opinions, but to serve as a digital mood board for a wide range of topics that interest me. When developing ideas for sketches, searching for engaging concepts, or looking for interesting visuals, my favorites and retweets transform into pieces of source material. The benefits of this platform, other than publishing work, is having a relevant site that always inspires me. As an artist and designer, I’m constantly searching for newer ways to express myself. Having access to information so immediately has allowed my practice to develop and grow. I’m able to be in touch with the latest Kardashian gossip or read the latest art review. My interests are varied and diverse, but social media has allowed me to consolidate all of this information. #ThankYouTwitter #Art #Bad&Bougee