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The Introvert’s Dream

Growing up, I had this assumption that becoming an artist would allow me to continue to be anti-social. I’ve never felt all that comfortable in social settings and now that I am easing into the field of a graphic artist, I realize that there is a great deal of socializing involved.

For someone who absolutely cringes at the thought of having to talk to strangers, it is quite challenging to navigate through the back and forth discussion and direction required between artist and client. Clients come with their own ideas and needs. Sometimes, the client knows exactly what they want and can convey their ideas easily and clearly, making interpretation and fruition fairly simple. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

It can be difficult to express the ideas in our own minds, even for artists, and it is no different for clients. There may come times when the client knows what they want, but can’t find the words to help the artist see their vision,¬†and then there are those who know what they want, until you give it to them. This is where the client changes their minds and tells you that’s exactly what they didn’t want.

Long story short, being an artist hasn’t reinforced my anti-social habits as I thought and hoped it would. It has helped me break out of my shell and introduced me to various social situations.

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