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How to Inspire Anarchy with Logo Design

In 1970s, in Great Britain, young artists and musicians worked together to spark a political movement of anarchy. One example of such a relationship is the punk band Crass and graphic designer David King. While the rebellious musical style of Crass inspired chaos, the band members of Crass—Steve Ignorant, Penny Rimbaud, Eve Libertine, and Joy De Vivre—also needed an image to promote anarchism. Therefore, Eve Libertine asked King to design the logo. Ultimately, Crass wanted the logo to signify contradictions by using a combination of icons such as the union flag, the swastika, the Christian cross, and an ouroboros. Irony is a major theme in Crass’s brand because their musical style is abrasive in sound , but their lyrics also promote peace and love. The imagery in the logo additionally pays homage to the bands member connection with the Dada art movement in which artists used art to reject violence and war. Today, punk enthusiasts often wear a patch with the crass logo on their clothing to promote anarchism. The lesson: logos must always communicate the message of the brand.

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