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Adventuring Takes a Party

I’m going to sound like a hypocrite. Previously, I’ve talked about how designers should be jacks of all trades. Well, now I’m going to talk about depending on other people. In D&D you rarely have an adventuring party of one. Why? Because they wouldn’t last long. It’s impossible to cover all the skills needed to survive with just one member. It’s with a party that one’s strength can cover another’s weakness. There was one instance where I was trying to make an advertisement for a toilet paper cat holder. Weird, yes, which was precisely why I had a hard time designing the ad. It wasn’t my design that was lacking, but my angle and approach. Finally, I asked my roommate, a psychology major, for help. She, who has had indoor cats before, immediately thought of how much of a nightmare real cats are with toilet paper. Then the whole thing came together. So yes, be jack of all trades. But when your skill is lacking, seek a fellow adventurer for help.