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Meeting Mr. Okamura

The day I met Tim Okamura was nothing less than amazing. I was in NY for an Art Bus trip with some ex friends; On my way to the MET, I met Carly Chaikin who plays as Elliot’s sister on the show Mr. Robot, and it took me all day to get over the excitement I felt about that moment.

Just when I thought my day was going to end on a flat note, I saw the sign. One block from the meet up point, there was the gallery where Tim Okamura was hosting an open house. In the gallery, there were several beautiful paintings of strong women of color. I was lucky enough to sign one of his works in progress, as well as ask him some questions about his technique. He uses spray paint and oil paint to compliment the model of each piece. He achieves the texture of black hair by creating and applying mounds of dried paint to the canvas.

As a black woman, I admired Tim’s work because I feel as though each piece represents me. I admire that he chooses to represent black women in art as the focal point; There aren’t many successful artists that I know of who paint women of color. He’s incredibly nice, and if I’m being honest, he’s quite dreamy too. Hanging out with him until the buses picked us was the most perfect way to end my night in New York.