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Artist Profile: Lee Sowell

Screengrab of Lee’s Instagram

After accepting her invite, I found myself sitting across from a gleeful Lee Sowell who was indulging in a free plate of pancakes and a side of hash browns in an insanely packed Ihop on International Pancake Day. Lee Sowell is pursuing a BFA in New Media at Mason’s School of Art. Even though she’s just a sophomore, she already displays self-motivation as she keeps up with her commissions, social media presence, and school work.

Lee has always enjoyed drawing and had filled over 40 sketchbooks (that she likes to decorate) in the past 7 years with playful illustrations that mirror her personality. Lee, or commandurr14 posts multiple illustrations on her various social media platforms daily. She believes that social media is the most effective way to share her work with an audience in comparison to having it in a closed space. In addition to illustrations, she includes the occasional entertaining videos of herself and memes that showcase her illustration and video editing skills. She believes that people like to see the person behind the artwork, but they also like to be entertained. When discussing her followers, she seemed quite aware of her target audience, and she sees them as people who are interested in her artwork rather than just numbers.

After graduating, Lee hopes to continue her path as a self-employed artist. She plans on creating art online, and gaining income through Patreon and commissions. I have no doubt in my mind that she can pull it off, and I wish her the best of luck.