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Badly Designed Cartoons

When I talked about bad quality shows, I don’t think I talked about the design aspect of children’s cartoons. Sometimes companies want to make a quick buck, so they will toss a new show onto the channel without a second thought. When this happens, a new bad cartoon is brought into the world. The one company that comes to mind that does is Nickelodeon. Yes the network does have a good show from time to time, it has had a lot of bad apples. The best or in this case the worst example is the cartoon “Breadwinners.” Admittedly, this show is a guilty pleasure of mine, but it is very bad. This show was based off a Youtube short of the same name. It has rough and choppy animations, outdated jokes, and toilet humor and butt jokes EVERYWHERE. I believe the one thing that kept it alive was the rhythmic animation as the movements would match up with the music.

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