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Feline Furniture Design

by Kelsey Johnson

When are we going to see Ikea, Cb2, West Elm and Target come out with cat-friendly furniture designs? It is hard to be a cat owner and aesthetically conscious. Many furniture pieces that cater towards form tend also have functional dilemmas for cat owners. We resort to ugly, practical pieces or retaining shredded upholstery out of fear that the new chaise might also serve as scratching posts. There is so much out there in the home-design industry. It is competitive and ever evolving. But why is it that pretty and practical furniture is hard to come by for cat owners? So it appears that those expensive, clunky and carpeted cat trees are the best thing that furniture designers have been able to come up with. In the United States, 1 out of every 3 people own cats. Why are these things mutually exclusive? And finally, below. Where cat-considered design might coexist. Singapore.

Here, look at how Singapore does cat-friendly design.

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    Here you go!

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