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Going back to move forward

The picture here is a graphite drawing from my high school sketchbook. During the time when I created this rendition of a young Bob Dylan (yes, that’s who it’s supposed to be) I was just learning about scale, proportion, tone and layout. What has amazed me over the many years that I have taken art or design courses, is that they all go back to those same elements. When I design a poster or website now, I am still using scale, tone, and all the terms I had learned and struggled with when I was in grade school. Returning to past work and the concepts I have learned helps push my work forward.

With all the complicated tools in the design business, it is important to remember some of the fundamental elements of art and design. I constantly find myself opening old text books from art classes and refresh my vocabulary with all the terms and concepts that get lost sometimes in the sea of coding, keyboard shortcuts, pantone numbers, and pica measurements.

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