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It’s Minimalism and You Know It

It’s pretty amazing to think about how universally recognized some brand logos have become. Nike, Apple, and Pepsi, as we have all seen, use very simple shapes. Regardless, they are shapes that can still be recognized, independent of words or even colors. But then there’s Starbucks: a company who has just recently set the bar for how far they can successfully simplify their logo.

This spring, Starbucks has removed their trademark mermaid/siren from their cups. They have abandoned the dark green and white color scheme. Instead, they have adopted new, bright springtime colors, different on every size and left their logo to be… a blank, white circle. That’s it. Can you imagine handing out one of the most basic shapes and having your brand still be recognized? Starbucks has claimed the circle as their logomark for the time being. That’s a bold move, but still incredibly well done. Hats off to you, Starbucks designers; you pretty much have this whole minimalism thing down.