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The prohibited symbol, “Rising Sun Flag.”

I was very surprised and shocked. I couldn’t believe what I saw about a few days ago because there was a prohibited symbol on the student’s book cover project which was hanging on the wall in the Art and Design building. He/she used a red dot symbol which is called a “Rising Sun Flag.” Many people know Nazi Hakenkreuz, a symbol of the Nazi Party in Germany. But not a lot of people know the rising sun flag symbol. This flag associated with Japanese imperialism during the World War II and it carried the similar meaning as Nazi Hakenkreuz. So, using this symbol shows the disrespect to the countries who were suffered by Japan.

I posted a blog about the importance of the design process. Research for the information is one of the design processes. But if the designer skips this step, the designer will make a mistake. However, we, as designers, must research really carefully before designing.