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Crafts That Have Inspired Me Over Time

I find myself wondering what exactly certain crafts do to spark my imagination. The other day, I was looking through my collection of handmade friendship bracelets from 2006. Since I haven’t looked at them in quite a while, I was surprised to see the intricate patterns I made with the embroidery floss and beads. Granted, I was following instructions out of a how-to book. Yet, the result comes out ten times better than the image shown in the book. I ask myself, “How did I do that?” The same can be said for my coloring books (as mentioned in a previous blog) and paint-by-number activities. Like the aforementioned coloring books, the inspiration from these other crafts I got into have helped fuel the ideas for every school project. To get the most out of my crafts, just like my coloring mediums I obtain a variety of floss colors.

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