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Jill Greenberg’s “Paintings”

During the spring semester of 2015, I went on the Artsbus trip to New York City. Of all the galleries we visited, only one sticks to my mind today. The gallery ClampArt happened to be showcasing works by the artist Jill Greenberg. Her work was so amazing and so tantalizing to my eyes, I ended up taking home a small complementary poster. She creates a series of patterns mixing gouache, water-soluble oils, and acrylic paint. To make the colors really pop out to the viewer, Greenberg implements natural and artificial lighting into the final photograph form. Since this form of art was brand new to me at the time, of course I found myself completely awestruck. I love how the oils recede from parts of the colored areas, creating these wonderful compositions. The “paintings” of Jill Greenberg have served as sources of inspiration, and still do today. A few samples of her work are shown below.