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Design like Research

The design that started it all…

“Treat design like research; not every source is credible.” This was a short saying I put out in a rage-induced impulse. For those countless of research papers we’ve had to do for school, it’s often we’re drilled on how to find and use “good” sources. Don’t cite Wikipedia. Make sure your source is an expert in the field. And above all, don’t plagiarize; always cite your sources. Why is design not treated the same way? Not all designs are well-made. Not all designs are created for the same purpose. Yet clients seem to like to choose such designs to show their designers as “inspiration.” “Can we get a design like this?” Are you asking for a design exactly like that? If that’s the case, then I’m no longer the designer, am I? Once again, people forget that design is still much like other fields of study. I still question myself though, is there a difference for designers in this aspect as well?