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The Life of Death

Marsha Onderstijin’s short “The Life of Death” tells the story of a carefree and careless Death, who kills everything he touches. We are introduced to Death as a carefree spirit and have the sense that he doesn’t realize the gravity of the power he has through his thoughtless and even child-like usage of his powers. Onderstijn is able to convey so many emotions through light, sound and facial expressions that the use for words is no longer needed. We are able to see Death grow through this animation and are hit just as powerfully as he is when the consequences of his actions come to light.┬áLife, time, compassion, growth and death are all beautifully represented in beautifully rendered short.

I came across this video last semester while taking 2D Animation and was immediately inspired. One day I hope to be able to entice similar feelings of others as this short has done for me.

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