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The Visual Power of Formatting


Poetry has been around since pretty much language was invented. Creating a series of verses consisting of word combinations to produce rhyme, rhythm, and meaning seems hard enough. What if you also throw in the visual aspect of it into the mix? Formatting can be an extremely powerful tool when presenting poetry.

Yes, poems are supposed to create visuals in our minds just by using words. Moreover, I’m not saying this is a higher form of poetry by any means. However, we should appreciate the complexity of some of this works, and the artistic ability to not only create a poem, but also be able to display it in a visual fashion. The graphics created are not necessarily representative of what the poem is about, but I would still find it challenging to drift away from line, followed by line, followed by line… Formatting of artistic text can change entirely the rhythm in which the audience reads the piece.

I am personally not a huge reader, but this type of writing intrigues me.