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The Power of Advertising

Advertising is power. We all see it everyday. From billboards, to cereal boxes, to online websites, to major corporations and small businesses, other companies that display to the public their products, so as to create a name for themselves. Corporations and small businesses alike need designers who know what they are doing in order to make their products appear appealing for consumers. Designers who are in or are planning on going into advertising, must grasp the technique and knowledge of how to problem solve, in order to represent the company and its products that it sells. Also, designers are not just representing the company, they are creating visually appealing designs and typography displays that catch the viewer’s eye in order to create a visual remembrance of what the product’s appearance is so customers will buy their items. No matter what company one belongs to, all companies need some kind of form of advertising so they may sell their products and create a reputation for themselves that the public and their customers and even individuals that they do not know may look on with respect, which helps business.