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Taking a dip into Graphic Design with Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser

Within the Graphic Design world, there are millions of designers who are recognized for their work. One artist which stood out to me, was designer, Milton Glaser. He is best known for his poster of “I LOVE NEW YORK”, which I’m sure many are familiar with.

Milton Glaser is one artist who has been one of the most praised graphic designers in America. He is known for creating several work pieces such as hundreds of posters for clients in the areas of publishing, music, theater, commercial products and services. Not only is he known for his work, but also for his ethics and practice within the design field. Within his work, Glaser has mentioned that within design work, it does not only have to have an artistic aesthetic for it be effective. In order for it to be effective, it should hold objectives and intentions rather than focusing on the “requirements of form”.

As an artist, to me, I find that within my experience in the design field, people tend to focus much more on the visuals rather than the process. I think it is important for artists to focus more on process and intentions of the piece, as you gain more than just a visual understanding of the piece itself.