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Mother nature, you fancy!

So much of our time is spent bustling around cities, completely absorbed in our lives. We often forget how wonderful and whimsical this planet really is. It truly is awe inspiring to think of the sheer magnitude of wonder that exists just beyond our immediate boundaries. Mother nature is the original artist and arguably¬† the greatest. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it is not a sentient being as far as we know, so the human race gets to carry those titles and revel in them. Whenever I’m scrolling through an image sharing site or getting lost down the rabbit hole that is Youtube I sometimes stumble across the coolest things.

My dad actually gets credit for this one but he found a video on how puffer fish attract their mate. It is absolutely fascinating. They create a kind of mandala-esque design in the sand on the ocean floor. The video is only 3 minutes long. Watch it,  you will not be disappointed!