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Movie Posters: Then Vs. Now

Saul Bass created identity for movies. One designer was responsible for the look and feel that target the entire marketing campaign for a film. Paul would offered a design package that includes: screen trailer, posters (half sheets, one sheet, three sheet etc), magazine ads, trademark, symbol, main and ending credits, etc. Wherever you go and see the movie ads, the look and feel will follow you. Today is different. Companies would hired different designers for posters, trailer, and commercials, etc. The marketing industry in entertainment are disintegrated in its department that the amount of movies that has a distinguishable identity are rare. It was a good conception that one designer does all just like what Saul Bass did. He created an identity. The concept in the advertisement would always be in the viewers mind and last with them longer because of the repetitive design that they see. The unity of having an identity for movies help makes the designs and marketing successful.




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