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Adobe Experience Design

If you’ve got a Creative Cloud membership, you need to get hip. Within the last year Adobe released Experience Design or Xd for short. Traditionally, websites have been designed in Photoshop, then came sketch in 2010. This program is very similar to Sketch but Adobe has given it their own touch. Xd allows users to create, preview, and share designs for the web and mobile devices. It allows for┬ámultiple artboards and haas interface kits for iOS/Google Material built in. If you’re already using Sketch along with Photoshop and Illustrator you might not want to switch just yet. However, if you’re new to UX and UI design and you’re already using Adobe products Xd is certainly worth the download. Either way, the UX/UI market is getting competitive and that in turn makes it easier for us to design as we get exposed to more tool and better features.

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