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Now I can deal with the face…for now.

drawing of one of the faces

While learning how to draw, I never liked to draw the face.  I always was facinated with the body and it’s movement.  I was even scared to take a Figure Drawing class here because I was scared that the teacher would focus more on the details rather than what the whole body was saying.  During my earlier drawing classes, I never could get the whole detail thing.  My mind couldn’t take it.  I prefered the stroke and the movement more than anything else.  Some projects I didn’t do well on, others I did.  Then when I finally got to the figure drawing class I was relieved to see that it’s not all about the details all of the time.  I learned to take my time with drawings because I stared to care a whole lot more.  Sure I got to do more figure drawings and I was able to and focus on the gesture, but I was able to finally get to the face.  For my senior show I drew three faces based on three jazz poems.  I was pretty happy this time, finally I like the faces.