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Architect: Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was an amazing architect based out of London where she attended the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Since her college career in 1972, she was always known to be ahead of her time. Her professor, Rem Koolhaas, often described her as a “planet in her own orbit”.

Hadid’s work consisted of buildings and interior designs that always pushed the limits and created a challenge. Dying in March of last year from a heart attack, her work now continues to live through her architect firm she started in 1980. Taking a look into the firm’s portfolio, her first American project was the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Becoming very intrigued, I decided to look into more of their current projects and found a residence building in New York City opening in June. Being that the prices start at $4.9 million, I will continue to scroll and gaze in awe at the beautiful design she and her team created. Check out the page here for yourself to see what is to come, and definitely check out Zaha Hadid’s amazing portfolio.

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