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what’s your favorite color & why?

I recently discovered that Milan has a design week (design newbie, I know), and the aesthetics are AH-mazing. This year, designers found a very common trend through this year’s furniture designs…PINK – and no, not Victoria Secret’s line but the actual color pink. Millennial pink is what they’re calling it, but I knew it first as dusty pink. Ooh-aahh. This has to be one of my favorite colors because it gives me a feeling of calmness and hospitality, kind of like: black & white, beige, and pewter. Clearly people have began feeling a similar attraction from this color because it being used for things in their homes! During Milan Design Week, a few of my favorite pieces were the 88 Secrets collection and Stay Daybed by Nika Zupanc. Adding the golden accents gives the furniture a super clean and minimalistic look which I absolutely adore.  But seriously, if you’re into dusty pink *raises brows* or furniture design at all – definitely check out the exhibitions!