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Suburbia Becomes Art

The suburbs can be anywhere in the United States and will look the same. I know because I’ve lived in the suburbs my entire life, in several different states. These neighborhoods are cleanly designed with the appearance of everything being the same. They’re supposed to be boring, right? But what if I told you their designs can be art too? Well, meet artist Ross Racine. This artist takes the boring right out of the suburbs and turns these clean-cut neighborhoods into twisting labyrinths that may not seem like much at first. Until you delve into the artwork, that is. Roads that lead to nowhere, spiral houses, pools in the middle of nowhere – these are the suburbs of Racine’s imagination. His work comes across as M.C. Escher-like and he’s got the skills to back that up. Each one of these meticulously designed neighborhoods is done by him digitally… free-hand. There are no cheats in this body of work, they come right from Racine’s noggin free-hand. And each impossible neighborhood has got a funny name too: Goldenwood Shores, Hickoryglen Estates, Sweetwind Junction, Stonywater Cove. It just goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere and anything can be made into spectacular artwork.