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Dream Techno: A Dream Come True (Amazon CD-R service review)

[A review of Amazon’s CD-R service for out-of-print, rare music releases. CD-R being reviewed: Dream Techno’s Trance of House.]

I just want to preface this review by saying that people who hate on CD-R’s are not thinking of the whole picture. Dream Techno’s Trance of House was never popular enough in his native Korea or America (where I live) to warrant the manufacturing of thousands of CDs. However, there’s still people like me who enjoy his work and collect physical CDs. So, when I read Amazon had obtained the rights to Trance of House and would manufacture my own personal, physical copy for me, I immediately decided to go for it. I do admit, I was a little bit worried after reading so many negative reviews of CD-R’s manufactured on demand, but I’m not disappointed. The CD arrived awhile ago and it looks professional. There’s a jewel case with the the track-listing, a booklet (that has palm trees, yay, I love palm trees), and the CD itself has very nice, professionally printed artwork. The CD contents play just fine in my car and sounded great when I imported them into my iTunes library. The only thing I’d nitpick is that the cover is a wee bit blurry, but it’s nothing too noticeable. Guys, don’t hate on Amazon’s CD-R’s. This is a great option for music that’s not popular enough for mass produced CDs and it’s also great for out-of-print releases that are hard to find.

[The cover to Trance of House.]