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Musings on Anjunabeats’ Single Covers

I did a project this semester on redesigning my favorite Trance label’s (Anjunabeats) logo.I wished to delve into their single covers but was told that it was too broad of a scope to cover. Which I do understand. However, I still can’t stop thinking about Anjunabeats’ and their outdated single covers. They started in 1999 with a simple cover design that features their logo. The color changes for each single release and has been that way ever since. However, in recent years their music has begun to have a shift in style, yet they still keep the same cover designs. This has become a problem because they’ve evidently run out of colors and have begun adding a stripe at the top of each release to attempt a quick-fix. It doesn’t help, Anjunabeats. At first my idea was that they could have personalized artwork for each release, but I was told that would take too much time and the artist(s) wouldn’t be able to keep up with the release schedule. Now my thinking is that they can just change the single cover designs just a little bit, make it more modern, and do what they did before with the different colors.  Fix it, Anjunabeats, fix it.

[Amazing recent release, but what the heck is this cover design?]