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EnigmaticLIA 3 (An excellent cover design)

EnigmaticLIA 3 is a Japanese hardcore techno album by the singer LIA that debuted in 2009. It’s pristine sonic vibes entered my mind in 8th grade and became a crystallized memory that I have enjoyed revisiting ever since. One thing that I’ve always admired about the EnigmaticLIA series is the cover designs. EnigmaticLIA 3 remains the best cover and for a good reason.  The series only employed domestic Japanese remixers until the third album (the one I’m reviewing). By EnigmaticLIA 3, LIA’s label turned their eye on the world’s finest hardcore techno artists and created EnigmaticLIA 3 with the concept of a “worldwide collection”. When you look at the cover, you’re first greeted by an explosion of blue, pink, and yellow hues. The cover’s colors reach out and grab you to throw you into the musical vortex that is LIA’s hardcore techno. Superimposed onto the background is a simple world map, which helps indicate this is a worldwide release from Japan. Pink and yellow lasers zig-zag around the cover, barely containing themselves as they represent the musical chaos within the CD. I think the only thing that could be changed about this cover is the placement of some of the font as it’s lopsided. Overall, this is still one of the finest CD covers I’ve seen within the Japanese music realm because of how perfectly it represents the contents.

[Listen to “new moon (AI Storm Remix)”. Do it.]