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she music (Japanese without actually being Japanese? A commentary on she’s art and music)

she music is a project started by Lain Trzaska of Poland in 2003. For over ten years, this musical project remained and mystery. Many assumed the artist was a Japanese female due to the audiovisual content. But why? It’s the aesthetics, of course. When one visits she’s website, they can peruse through all of she’s audiovisual content thus far. A potent example of the Japanese aesthetic comes from the audiovisual project “days”. The gallery for “days” features artwork of a distinctly Asian female character that has been glitched and placed into the vaguely cyberpunk setting of an abandoned factory. You can read snippets from this girl’s diary as she becomes apart of a scientific experiment and eventually seems to become one with the Internet. The whole thing reads like it was inspired by the famous cyberpunk anime Serial Experiments Lain. And I think it’s safe to say that it was influenced by Lain because the glitchy, chiptune music (a favorite style of music in Japan, by the way), actually does incorporate samples from the Lain show. The rest of she’s audiovisual projects have similar themes. The thing about she though, is all the artwork and music he’s made is entirely self-produced. The only thing he borrows is samples from animes. With his project’s aesthetics, it’s no wonder people thought he was a petite Japanese schoolgirl.

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