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iamamiwhoami (A commentary on Jonna Lee’s audiovisual project BLUE)

Jonna Lee is a Swedish artist who created the audiovisual project BLUE under the name iamamiwhoami. BLUE features ten music tracks that are accompanied by oceanic visuals in the forms of music videos and single covers. To begin with, Jonna Lee submitted the videos to her project on YouTube before she released them as singles and then finally, an album. Each video follows a loose, abstract story that seems to center around the ocean, Jonna, and mysterious men in black. If you can follow the story, Jonna is a being from the ocean that the men in black want to capture. (And by “men in black”, I mean they’re literally covered from head-to-toe in a black leotard.) The story doesn’t make much sense, but Jonna Lee is successful in creating her own aesthetic for the BLUE project. Each video features a distinct oceanic or arctic-oceanic landscape with Jonna dancing around in a skintight white leotard. It’s simple, but effective because it’s beautiful. The music itself is distinctly Europop but does conjure up images of the ocean with it’s airy vocals and leads. Overall, I believe the BLUE project was successful in bringing something new to the Europop scene, even if it appears to be strangely abstract.