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Couture Fashion Is Walking Art

I was recently browsing through some of the couture fashion shows of Spring 2017 on and came across one that particularly struck my attention. Guo Pei’s extraordinary Spring 2017 collection is worth looking at. It is walking artwork. The entire show took place where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before her beheading. The models were dressed in outfits that hint at artwork from the classical era, and are adorned with jewels and accessories that are fit for royalty. The models were also all very pale and some wore crowns, or sculptural orbs on their heads. They are over the top, and extremely detailed. The women who walked the runway looked like people who you see in a portrait from the late 1700’s hanging in the National Gallery. I have to point out that from an artist’s perspective, these outfits are truly admirable. Guo Pei somehow managed to create the ghostly return of Antionette through her artwork on the runway. I wish I could witness the designing of these outfits, and see the process of creating such incredible works of art. I envy Guo Pei for her artistry and talent.

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