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Fashion is no longer a form of public display(?)

Fashion has become more of a statement rather than creating clothes to wear in public. What kind of statement? I can’t even answer that myself. Some come off bold, and some come off reserved, all portraying a different message. I watch people in fashions shows walk down the runway in the most absurd outfits. This is not a bad thing at all. In fact, I quite enjoy observing the abstraction of the designs. However, is it something someone can wear in public and not stick out like a sore thumb? Of course not.

This for instance is not something you can wear in public and not catch the eye of every single passing bystander. It can be seen as unacceptable, hence fashion not being so much about public display but more so just to make a point. I find this dress very interesting and in fact, I’d love to do a photoshoot of someone wearing it. Would make for a unique photo.

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