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Not Another Art Game

Every once in awhile some strange, abstract indie game is made. Usually people do not care enough to pay any attention to these games and they just remain obscure. I went out of my way to examine one of these games; a game titled Vivian Clark. Vivian Clark is an odd game from the start. You can only access it via exploring the levels of another obscure game titled Soda Drinker Pro. There is a secret exit on second level that will boot up an entirely different game. Most people would never guess that this game existed within a soda drinking simulator. Vivian Clark looks like something scribbled out by a ten year old and it might look confusing at first glance, but it’s not that incoherent after playing it for a while. The game has you playing as an melancholy rain drop that can possess other creatures you land on. This takes the player to that creature’s minigame. From that point, you complete the minigame, crash into another character to play their minigame, or get killed by something and get sent to the hub world. The whole game was meant to parody terrible cash grab games and it’s pretty funny.

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